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(How I lost my job with American Greetings)
Published on September 6, 2006 By Buddah Moskowitz In Poetry
I’m giving myself only sixteen lines
the unlearned poet am I
I’m better with lyrics or valentines
designed to elicit a sigh

for I am suspicious of poetry,
I’ve contempt for self-conscious craft,
more than fortune or notoriety
I just hope my readers have laughed

I try to vary the topics I choose
like soupcans on a kitchen shelf
to my loyal readers this won’t be news:
all my poems lead back to myself

I've written this verse as neat as a pin
is it art? That point may be moot --
but still I know this is a discipline
and discipline ain’t my strong suit.

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on Sep 06, 2006
I loved this Buddah!  
on Sep 06, 2006
Very good. Did you hear the one about the man from Nantucket?
on Sep 09, 2006
I like the cards with the beautiful artwork and are blank inside!

That way you write what you want to the person.
on Sep 10, 2006
Oh it is always art Mr. Moskowitz! It's always good to hear about you!
on Sep 13, 2006
16 lines well done! I continue to be impressed (and I did buy the book)
on Jan 29, 2007
Thanks Buddah. Self-referential poetry is fun!