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(for Roy Levosh)
Published on May 7, 2008 By Buddah Moskowitz In Poetry

Don’t oversleep

don’t curse the alarm clock

don’t wake up the others


don’t go to work without shaving

don’t wear that tie with those pants

don’t leave without kissing her goodbye


don’t drive like a maniac

don’t get in an accident

don’t be late to the office


don’t be unproductive

don’t go to non-work-related websites

don’t daydream about sex


don’t skip lunch

don’t eat any trans fats

don’t talk to any other guys at the urinal


don’t be unprepared for your meeting

don’t tell your boss what you really think

don’t leave until after the boss does


don’t forget to call and ask if she needs anything

don’t bring your work home with you

don’t ignore the kids


don’t take it out on the kids

don’t fight it if she wants to take a walk after dinner

don’t hog the remote


don’t go to bed without taking a shower

don’t forget she needs foreplay

don’t knead her breasts like dough


don’t come too soon

don’t come before she does

don’t roll over and fall asleep as soon as you’re finished


don’t fall asleep if she wants to talk

don’t leave the tv on all night

don’t forget to say your prayers.

on May 07, 2008

Don't live life with only "don'ts" as your guide.

on May 07, 2008

Damn, so many don'ts and not enough dos can unmake a man.  A man has got to say "well, fuck it" once in a while.

on May 07, 2008

I pressed enter before I finished and wanted to say I enjoyed this exploration, though.

on May 07, 2008

Wow, you sure are bossy!

Just kidding, I'm sure there is some kind of male thiing going on here.

don’t knead her breasts like dough
This made me laugh out loud, for real!

on May 07, 2008

Being a man is all about the don'ts don't you know? But like the lion that gets up every morning that has to catch the slowest gazelle and the gazelle that gets up every morning and has to out run the fastest lion, we keep going...



on May 09, 2008

Thanks again.  Yes, there's a whole world fulla dont's when you're a man, especially in the love and sex arena (hence the kneading dough comment).

I was hpoing the men would like this one,

Thanks for commenting - Moskowitz the Rule Follower

on May 09, 2008
And don't post you tube clips wrong.

Seriously though, don't talk about don't club.