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Published on July 17, 2008 By Buddah Moskowitz In Poetry

Fully human

and fully divine:


the hallmark of humanity

is sinful



and yet you had none.


I wonder

how you managed

to steer clear

of everything

but the bull’s eye.


I reconstruct

your ignoble demise

like a forensic scientist

searching for something

to connect me

over the centuries

to you


something that would betray

your humanity.


As you hung there dying

and they mocked you,

you petitioned the father

for a pardon on their behalf.


I keep rooting around

for even the slightest wisp

of rotten humanity

and still come up empty.


I know you were sinless.

I know you were perfect.

I’m a believer.


I just want to know

how you did it.

on Jul 22, 2008
I just want to know
how you did it.

If I just had to hazzard a guess, I would say...constant awareness. But then I'm along way from perfect my damn self.
on Jul 28, 2008

the hallmark of humanity

is sinful


Strong stuff, this, although I think there is much beauty in imperfection so I don't necessarily see it as sinful.

The lesson the man taught us all, even those who don't believe him to be the Son of God, is compassion, tolerance and forgiveness, something some of the fold could do with remembering.