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Published on January 8, 2009 By Buddah Moskowitz In Poetry

Your lips are missed

as are the long weekends

we spent as one.


Replaying those old songs,

memories come back

stripped of any imperfection.


There was intrigue

in your kiss

and I became dizzy

with the possibilities.


I could spend an hour

holding your hand

and every moment

had the thrill

of finding

an undiscovered river.


Where there was once mystery

building a life together

has brought comfort

so I’m not asking for much,

except this:

slow down our

spinning planet of noisy obligation,

tear pages out of the calendar

and come away with me.


Let the world wonder

where we’ve run off to

because I’m still me

and you’re still you


and I was sent for you.


Follow me

into the deepest

most secret part of our garden

and we’ll find a mystery

as wondrous and exciting

as the first fire.

on Jan 08, 2009

You describe it perfectly, Buddah.

Thank you.

on Jan 09, 2009

Beautiful! I saw so many songs in this one.   The title of course, John Denver's version of course!  And that line where you said "Come away with me", Norah Jones.  And of course, that one word, "Fire" Pointer Sisters of course!

on Jan 09, 2009

What they said.

on Jan 13, 2009

I know this so well.  It is exactly how I feel about my lovely wife.  What a beautiful piece.