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Published on January 23, 2009 By Buddah Moskowitz In Poetry

Once again

the day has been paid

and now is gone.


These days

gather speed as they

snowball down the hill

indifferent to me.


In these busy days

nothing is negotiable

and no one will



I’m on the losing end

of this tug-of-war

but everyday I try

to snatch for myself

a moment unscheduled

with nothing

to do


but breathe

and look

and glow

at the beautiful




of just being


before it’s stolen away.


Everything seems important

but that’s probably

the grand fallacy

of my thesis.


I smile when I think

of all the time I could liberate


if I could only stop

being aware

of all the time

passing by.


on Jan 23, 2009

on Jan 23, 2009

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